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Women’s Health

Women’s Health Collaborative
Educate, Enable, & Empower.
Women’s Health Collaborative aims to provide comprehensive educational training to women and girls in Afghanistan regarding women’s hygiene, maternal care, and entrepreneurship. CAWRI’s primary goal for Women’s Health Collaborative is to empower women through knowledge in hygiene and closing the accessibility gap for basic hygienic necessities. Through instruction, Women’s Health Collaborative will promote culturally-sensitive hygiene practices and combat the myths and shame surrounding women’s health and menstruation. Women’s Health Collaborative will implement a self-help group format to create community and support. The program will act as a safe space for weekly self-help group meetings and production of sanitary pads without the stigmatization surrounding discussing such topics in public. Self-help groups have been useful tools to encourage women’s empowerment in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Women will also be creating menstrual kits filled with informational packets and sewing reusable cloth pads. The products will be affordable for all women, and we project to sell products equating to $100 USD in one year. An activity such as this not only creates jobs for Afghani women, but also empowers and instills confidence when women take ownership of the products they are creating.