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Women Growing a Sustainable Future

Educate, Enable, & Empower
Women Growing a Sustainable Future is one of CAWRI’s current projects that educates Afghan women in agriculture and entrepreneurship in order to combat food insecurity in the Herat Province of Afghanistan. This project will provide comprehensive training on greenhouse agriculture to women in the Enjil District of the Herat Province with the help of our partner organization, WEBT.  Greenhouses create a microclimate that is suitable for growing crops in all seasons, which allows Afghan women to earn money year-round from crop sales. The project aims to establish women’s agricultural training beyond the original greenhouse in Herat and expand our reach throughout Afghanistan.
What makes Women Growing a Sustainable Future stand out from other agricultural projects is the use of drip irrigation in our greenhouses. By utilizing a drip irrigation system, the greenhouses will allow these women to grow food more efficiently and sustainably than they would with traditional irrigation techniques. Drip irrigation has a high water use efficiency rate and is able to lead to higher crop yields while utilizing less than half the water that traditional irrigation uses because water is applied directly to the root structure of the crops. These benefits are increased even more when combined with a greenhouse structure. We are proud to be educating women in Afghanistan on productive and unique agricultural techniques, and we cannot wait to see how much this project can expand and how many women will benefit from it.