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Tawana Youth Development Organization (TYDO)

Tawana Youth Development Organization (TYDO) was established in November 2015 in Kabul, Afghanistan, by a committed team of youth who are active in the social, health and sports sectors. The organization is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that will operate regardless of political, ethnic, and religious tensions on the development and empowerment of youth in certain areas of social and cultural life, and sports. The organization headquarters is in Kabul and its board of directors in order to make an effective networking among the youths generation will strives to open offices in other provinces, and with awareness programs, this will be a way to exchange culture and traditions among the residents of the provinces.
The main goals and objectives of TYDO are to increase the capacity of scientific and business skills of youths, develop social, cultural and sports activities, empowerment of women for the purpose of their further participation in mentioned areas. In order to achieve the mentioned goals and objectives, the organization will conduct activities such as training sessions, conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, launching open debates, publication and distribution of sports, cultural and educational magazines, organizing cultural festivals, establishment and development of cooperative and friendly relations with scientific and other agencies and institutions.