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Hajar Abulfazil

Hahajar-abulfuziljar Abulfazil is an advocate for women empowerment through sports and health, whose efforts span from grassroots to elite levels. She believes that sport improves health, academic, economic and social conditions for women and girls – healthier women and girls will contribute to a stronger society and country!

Hajar is currently working to complete her medical degree by 2017 from  Khatam-Al-Nabieen University. She is member of the Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team, coach of the Under-17 girls’  football team and former head of both the women’s and finance committees for the Afghanistan Football Federation.

Hajar co-founded the non-governmental organization called Tawaana Youth Development Organization (TYDO). Through her organization she visits girls’ schools in Afghanistan and organizes sports festivals to promote sports among girls in the country. Hajar participated in the 2016 United Nations Winter Assembly as youth delegate from Afghanistan. She was among the ninth finalists in the social change competition out of the 600 delegates. In May 2016, she participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program and traveled throughout the United States visiting organizations and individuals who support sports development for Afghan women. Hajar gives back to her country by applying what she has learned to build familiarity and acceptance of women and girls in sport. She firmly believes that sport is good for women and for future of democracy in Afghanistan.

Maryam Bahar Sadat

Maryamariumm Bahar Sadat is a social activist in Afghanistan and is deeply passionate in working towards improving the current situation for women and girls in her society.  Maryam is one of the co-founders of the non-governmental organization called, Tawaana Youth Development Organization (TYDO).

Maryam completed her bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law and is currently working on completing her Masters in Business Administration. Her area of focus lies within the realm of maternal health and child well-being, she express how current conditions in this area are less than impressive in this war-torn nation. One of the biggest points that Maryam emphasises is the importance of education for women and girls, because as levels of education increase so does the health of their children.