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Karen Clanton: CAWRI President and Co-Founder
Karen Clanton is passionate about child advocacy and women’s rights. Her desire to make a difference in the lives of women and children stems from being raised by her mother as a single parent as well as her lifelong observation that women and children are the most vulnerable members in society. Although CAWRI is just embarking on its journey, Karen hopes to see it make a lasting impact on the lives of  the women and children we work with. Karen decided that CAWRI would partner with and support existing NGOs that have similar missions in order to be more efficient and have a larger impact.
Hakim Said: CAWRI Executive Director and Co-Founder
Hakim Said believes in creating positive global change through promoting non-violence, protecting human rights, advancing secular education, and ensuring the equal treatment of men and women. Hakim works with both CAWRI and CISD, overseeing their projects and identifying opportunities for collaboration.
Dr. Hajar Abulfazl: CAWRI Operations Manager and Founder of our Partner, Tawana Youth Development Organization (TYDO)
Dr. Hajar Abulfazl is an advocate for women’s empowerment through health and sport. She is a medical doctor, former captain of the Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team, a youth delegate to the United Nations, former athlete ambassador of Shirzanan Muslim women’s advocacy group, and founder of our partner, Tawana Youth Development Organization in Kabul. Dr. Hajar is also deeply involved with the funding and development of our health and agriculture focused projects.