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Health Education

A Healthy Girl becomes a Healthy Mother; A Healthy Mother produces a Healthy and Prosperous Country!

In many developing countries, women and children lack access to basic medical treatment and supplies. Through our projects, CAWRI seeks to provide increased knowledge about health and hygiene, as well as increase access to hygiene products. Our approach divides our projects into two different approaches: Girls’ health and Women’s health education.

Girl’s Health: Enable and Empower

CAWRI is working on a project with a local partner to promote physical education and health in school girls throughout Afghanistan. Our community partner travels from school to school educating the girls on basic physical health, while hosting soccer tournaments for the girls. As sports are not encouraged for women and girls, our efforts empower girls to chase their dreams despite the limitations that society places on them.

Women’s Mobile Health Initiative: Enable

Women’s health initiatives are often undervalued; a mother’s health has a major impact on the health of her children and family. CAWRI seeks to advocate for primary healthcare in areas that currently have very limited access to proper facilities. This project was developed around the notion of mobilizing healthcare by bringing health care materials and providers to areas in need.The Blue Tents project will be utilized for health promotion and preventative care. It is based on education, awareness, and empowerment in order to help reduce the contraction and spread of diseases. Trained public health workers will conduct workshops to disseminate information and materials about the ailments and diseases a particular community is/could be facing. The Blue Tents project will provide communities with information to enable precautionary behavior and the appropriate materials needed to protect themselves and their families from illnesses.