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Health Education

Part of CAWRI’s mission to educate women in Afghanistan is to introduce health education programs for women and girls in the region. Afghan women are provided limited resources and educational training related to reproductive health and conditions specific to women. Aside from limited access to these resources, the stigma surrounding these topics makes it even more difficult for women to speak out about these issues and to recieve the help they need. Women who are able to access medical care regarding these issues often times do not fully disclose their issues due to medical staff being largely male dominated. At CAWRI, we intertwine health, education, and development to promote healthy lifestyles and female empowerment. Women’s health initiatives are often undervalued; a mother’s health has a major impact on the health of her children and family. CAWRI seeks to advocate for primary healthcare in areas that currently have very limited access to proper facilities and health education for women and children who do not currently have it.