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A Message from the President

Child Advocacy & Women’s Rights International (CAWRI) is the expression of my commitment to educate, enable, and empower women and children around the world. Our mission is to uplift overlooked children and create opportunities for impoverished women. We seek to provide basic health care and education and to advocate for the rights of women and children worldwide. The income-generating opportunities that we create allow women to support themselves and their families.  Our goal is to ensure that all children have a chance at a better life, and that all women have the ability to be a contributing member of society.
At CAWRI, we partner with and support existing international NGOs that have similar missions and ideals. Collaboration is essential in making a difference in the lives of impoverished women and children and allows us to have a broader reach in the communities we aim to help.
There are numerous women and children at risk around the world, and we have the opportunity to reach and help populations in ways that others do not.  CAWRI needs your help to complete our mission. We accomplish our goals through the hard work of our wonderful interns and volunteers, as well as the contributions of our generous donors and sponsors.
Karen Clanton
President and Co-Founder