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A Message from the Founders

Karen Clanton: President and Co-Founder 

Child Advocacy & Women’s Rights International (CAWRI) is my philanthropic expression of my commitment the advancement of child advocacy and women’s rights.   My mother was a single parent and her struggles and challenges left me with a desire to make a difference in the lives of an understanding that women and children are vulnerable members in society.

Each NGO serves a distinct population and has a distinct mission.  They have the opportunity to reach and help populations in ways that others do not!  CAWRI is just embarking on its journey.  At the very beginning, it was decided that CAWRI would partner with and support existing NGOs that have similar missions. Another reason is that it is cost efficient because these kinds of arrangements lower start-up costs.

When it comes to child advocacy, our mission is to uplift overlooked children through education, health care, and development.  For impoverished women, our goal is to provide basic literacy skills; serve as a women’s rights advocate; provide basic health education and health care; and to create income generation opportunities.

CAWRI cannot do it alone, we rely upon the contributions our wonderful interns, volunteers, donors, and sponsors.

Hakim Said: CAWRI Executive Director and Co-Founder

Hakim Said believes in creating positive global change through promoting non-violence, protecting human rights, advancing secular education, and ensuring the equal treatment of men and women. Hakim works with both CAWRI and CISD, overseeing their projects and identifying opportunities for collaboration.